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Attach Files, Web links or Emails

You can attach any type of file, links to web pages or emails from Apple Mail (on OSX) or Outlook (on Windows) to your tasks.

How to use it

Add file attachments, web links or emails

You can attach any file or a web link to a task by dragging and dropping the file:

  • Drop a file on a task: add the task as attachment

  • Drop a file on the background or a project: add a new task with the file as attachment

  • Drop a file on the Drop Window: add a new task with the attachment to the Inbox and set review dates

Attachments are indicated with a paper clip in the task. Click the paper clip to open the preview window and browse through your attachments.

Open or save attachments

To show a list of attachments open the Task Details Inspector and expand the attachments section.

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