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Review your Next Actions

Review, Start and Due Date

You can assign a Start Date and Due Date for each task to define the timeframe in which to complete the task. To get a reminder set the Next Review Date.

Review dates are handled in a GTD-way: they are mere reminders to have another look at the task at this time. If you cannot complete the task, just move it to another suitable review date until you can complete it.

  • Start Date: This is when a task is supposed to start. This does not necessarily mean you have to do it at this time, but it becomes valid at this time. If you want to purchase a new Mac in June, the start date would be June 1st.

  • Due Date: This is the date when the task is supposed to be completed. If you want to purchase a new Mac in June this would be June 30.

  • Next Review Date and Time: This is your reminder date when you want to have a look at this task. If you want to purchase a new Mac in June this could be June 5th, because you plan to go to your Apple Store on this day.

Time planning is mostly done with the Next Review Date. If you have short tasks that don't take too much time, just set the Next Review Date, so you get reminded to have a look at it. And if the task has a deadline (i.e. tax returns etc) set the Due Date, too.

How to use it

Assign Start/Due Date and Next Review Date and Time

Open the Task Details Inspector to assign a date and time for the next review, start or due date.

Quick Assignment

On desktop systems you can additionally right-click (or ctrl-click) a task or a selected list of tasks to quickly assign a date for review from the context menu.

Review your Next Actions

Open the Next Actions view from the Focus tab on the left sidebar to review your next actions by date. The next 7 days, current week, current month and overdue tasks can be accessed through the direct access button on the left side of the view.

To select any other date for display enhance the date bar by tapping/clicking the title. This displays a full calendar to select any date.

Rescheduling Next Review Date and Time

The fastest way to reschedule tasks you cannot complete at any day is to drag and drop the task on the date bar. Dropping it on any date will set the next review date accordingly with a start time of 9am.

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