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Adding and Completing Tasks


One of the key factor for successfully completing your projects is to know what to do and when to do it. Taskfabric helps you do this more efficiently - even when your projects start to get complex - by combining proven project management methodologies into one product. 

Collecting your tasks and ideas

Write down all your ideas in the Inbox. You can think of the Inbox as a melting pot for all your unprocessed ideas, tasks and information. Tap or Click the + Button to create a new task and start  typing to enter the task title. Save the task by pressing "Enter".


Repeat this for all new ideas and task you have. 

Review your Inbox

Review your Inbox on a regular basis. You can do this daily or weekly, but try to make it a routine. While reviewing your Inbox go through the list one by one, check if it can be done immediately, is part of a project you want to work on later or needs a reminder at a specific time. As soon as you completed your task, tap or click the circle next to the task to mark it as completed.


The task will now be moved to the "Completed" list on the "Projects" tab in the Library Sidebar.


 If you decide you need to review a completed task you can always find it here. By tapping/clicking the circle of a completed task again, the task will be "uncompleted" and moved back to the original project.


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