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Contexts and GTD (Getting Things Done)

Getting Things Done - short: GTD - is a book by David Allen. It describes an organizational method - also called GTD - that is easy to implement for everybody and quite sufficient for personal use.

The basic ideas are described at - but we can also recommend everybody to read the book.

After collecting your tasks in the inbox the GTD approach is to clarify and organize your tasks (i.e. into projects or contexts). On regular intervals you review your tasks (reflect/plan) and work on the most important/appropriate tasks (engage/do).

Context: A context describes the people involved in a task, location or event where the task is needed.

How to use it

The context system in Organize:Me, Organize:Pro and Taskfabric allows you to easily assign one or multiple contexts to any task and filter by contexts.

  • Inbox: Quickly create new tasks and get them of your mind. You can sort the tasks later when you have enough time for it.

  • Context: Assign one or more contexts to each task

  • Regular review: Use the Next Actions view to get an overview of upcoming tasks and reminders. You can set individual Start Dates, Due Dates and additional Review Dates for each tasks - including repeating review dates - so you get i.e. weekly reminders of tasks that are not time critical until you find enough free time to complete them.

Assign Contexts

Open the Details Inspector for any entry and assign one or more contexts from the context section.

To search for the corrent context start typing in the search field of the context section. You can additionally create a new context directly from the search field by pressing enter/return.

All context assigned to a task are displayed in the task list below the task title with context pills.

Filter by Context

You can filter any project or list by assigned context using the scope bar or you can list all tasks assigned to a context from the context view.

Scope Bar

The Scope Bar is directle below the menu and displays a list of projects and context currently on screen. Select Contexts and then any context name to filter the current list for tasks with the selected context assigned.

Context View

The library (left sidebar) contains a button Contexts on the left side to switch to the context view. Select any context to view all tasks assigned to it - no matter which project they belong to.




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