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Map and Work Breakdown Structure View

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

WBS is used to decomposition a project into smaller parts. This is especially helpful for large projects to break them down into easily manageable tasks.

More information on WBS can be found on Wikipedia or in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).

Mind Map

A mind map displays information in a diagram to visualize the underlying structure. This has shown to make it easier to understand underlying concepts and ideas.

More information on mind maps can be found on Wikipedia.

How to use it

Organize:Pro and Taskfabric allow you to view complex task lists as Map (lr-diagram similiar to a MindMap) or as Work Breakdown Structure (WBS following PMBOK guidelines). You can easily switch between List, Map and WBS view from the view header.

Expanded and Compact View

All view types support an expanded view to display additional information in place. In the task list view this adds a short note preview to every task with notes. In Map and WBS mode additional date and progress information is displayed.

Edit Tasks in Mind Map or WBS mode 

Double-Click (or double-tap on a mobile device) any task to open the Task Details Inspector for editing.

Re-order tasks in Mind Map or WBS mode

Drag and drop any task to re-order it. On mobile devices tap and hold a task to start drag and drop.


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